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exterior and interior Painting is what we are best known for

paint and paint brush

Our business and home painters are some of our best assets!  We receive rave reviews on how amazing they are. Their attention to detail and craftsmanship allow us to consistently deliver high-quality projects to our clients. We love these guys, our customers love these guys, and we want you to enjoy your newly-painted home or business in Napa! We provide professional painting services for both residential and commercial properties.

Here is what you can expect once you have hired us for your paint project. First, we provide the customer with a proposal; once you have received said proposal and decide to hire us, you must send us back a signed copy of your proposal along with a deposit. Once received, we are able to schedule your work. Our company then “mobilizes,” which is when all materials and equipment are delivered to the job-site. Once mobilization is complete the real work begins; we start by performing all prep work (hanging drop cloths, sanding surfaces, fixing holes and caulking). From there we apply paint to both exterior surfaces (body, trim, doors) and interior surfaces (wall color, trim color, ceiling color). Once all surfaces have been painted we clean up and “immobilize.” A post-construction clean up is extremely basic as there is no use of chemicals or deep clean products. After the job-site has been cleaned up, we walk-through the site with the customer. If our customer is at all unsatisfied, we create a punch list of items to fix. Otherwise, your home has been painted and you are all set to enjoy your new space!

Our exterior and interior painting services include:

  • Home painting

  • Commercial painting

In addition to our Class B General Contractor license, we are a licensed C33 Painting and Decorating Contractor.


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