Our Team

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Michael, having taken over the company, is now the lead Project Manager and co-owner at EMC. He worked alongside Corky between 2003-2005, eventually becoming a licensed contractor in 2007 and opening his own construction business in Placer County. However, Michael spent most of his time working in Napa due to the 2014 earthquake. He quickly became familiar with the people and the market in Napa, which eventually led to him making the decision to take ownership of Emil Meyers and relocate. When Michael is not at work he enjoys riding anything with a motor whether it be his Harley, dirt bikes or even the occasional race car. 



Rebekka is the office manager at EMC where she ensures that all processes run smoothly while the crew is out of the office. Before acquiring the business, Rebekka had extensive experience in accounting and many aspects of office management. Rebekka is the ultimate multi-tasker, taking on the responsibilities of book keeper, office manager, human resources representative, co-owner and anything else admin related! When Rebekka is not at work she enjoys perfecting her side crow in the yoga studio or cycling with her husband along one of Napa's many beautiful trails.


The Team

Since it's inception in 1959, Emil Meyers Construction has strived to create a culture that fosters development. EMC values the importance of family, which is why the business remains in the Emil Meyers name to this day. Our crew works hard to ensure that our customers will be comfortable in their homes and places of business.