Our History


Yes, it's true! Our company could have easily been called this!

Emilio Moffozoli


Emilio Moffozoli, the patriarch of the founding Emil Meyers, was an Italian immigrant, who, upon immigrating to the United States, adopted a new name for himself to fit in here in America. Emilio became Emil, Moffozoli became Meyers. The Emil was a simple drop of the last two vowels in his name, while Meyers was a well-known grocery chain on the East Coast at that time. Emilio decided that was a good solid acceptable American name!

Emil Meyers


Emil Meyers, as he was now known, named his son Emil Meyers, after himself. This Emil Meyers is the man who founded the company we now have the honor and privilege of running. Emil Meyers grew up in North Carolina, and moved to Napa in 1947, at 20 years old. Emil was a Navy man, however by the time he finished his training, the war was over, so he never had to go into hostile territory in his service to our Country. Some of Emil's early jobs included Keno Operator at Harvey's Casino and Shoe Salesman for Shallow's in Santa Rosa. Emil attended Napa Valley Community College, where he was an award-winning editor for the school newspaper. He also apprenticed in the Carpenter's Union and was a drummer for a band which played in nightclubs all over the valley. Emil also worked for a jukebox and pinball machine servicing company, where his life-long hobby of coin collecting began.

Birth of EMC


The birth of Emil Meyers Construction came as many new beginnings and successful endeavors do: through hardship and suffering. Emil worked for a fellow named Royce Hall, who, for the 2nd year in a row, on Christmas Eve, laid Emil off due to slow business. By this time Emil was married to Martha and had a young family. So, in 1956 along with a partner, Meyers and Ingwerson were formed. This was the predecessor company to Emil Meyers Construction, which was formed in 1959. All of this, of course, to take matters into his own hands so that he no longer was at the mercy of his former employer. 1959

The EMC Timeline


Emil Meyers Construction began as a home-based business, and in fact, was not incorporated until 1972. The family remembers that in those days they were forbidden from answering phone calls during business hours, as to save money they had one phone line which served as both the business phone and the family phone. EMC grew, and in 1962 Emil purchased his warehouse, the same location we still operate from today. This was a commercial building on Vallejo Street. Emil was chastised by his Uncles for the foolish financial decision to purchase this property. It was roughly four times the cost of the family home, and they believed a very bad business decision.

Emil's Son...


Emil's son was also Emil Meyers, but known by all as Corky. Much like his father before him, also had an interesting job history before settling into the family business. As a teenager, Corky and Emil did not see eye-to-eye. Conservative and with high standards was Emil, while Hippy-esque Grateful Dead Groupie, long-haired Surfer California Boy was Corky. Because of these differences, Corky believed he wanted to be as far from the family business as possible. He "wanted to be in the Haight Ashbury watching my hair grow." In 1968 Corky moved to Washington to fulfill this desire to be far away. In Washington, Corky worked for a year at what he recalls to be the most difficult, dangerous, and depressing job. Corky was a Powder Monkey. In those days, most of the logging roads had already been built, so the crews worked in remote locations. This was a job which paid $4.56/ hour, They worked in such remote locales that their days consisted of getting up well before the crack of dawn to take a long drive in the dark to a Bus, which then transported the crew to the worksite. On site, they spent the day performing hard labor work in the cold rain To then return via bus to their cars, driving home again well after dark. To go to bed, and begin again the next day. Day in and day out Corky worked in these depressing and dangerous conditions: during his year with the logging company, three men lost their lives to the work.

Hard Times


Ultimately, the hardship he faced in these working conditions brought Corky to join his dad as a young man. Father and son worked together from 1970 until Emil (Sr.) passed in 1993.

Emil's Wife...


Let's not forget the ladies: Emil's wife, Martha, worked with him all those years, running the office, paying the bills, and managing the business, up until her own retirement in 1983.

Corky's Sister


Several years later, Chris, Corky's sister, came on board to take over the bookkeeping and Office Management. Chris has remained with Emil Meyers Construction to this very day! For a number of years, while father and son worked together, Emil Meyers Construction had a 2nd division in operation. This was the South Lake Tahoe office. Emil ran the South Tahoe work, while Corky ran the Napa jobs.

Emil's Passing


When Emil passed in 1993, the South Tahoe division was closed, and Corky focused his efforts and energy on building and refining the company his father had built.

Michael Meets EMC


When the 2000 Yountville Earthquake rocked the Napa Valley Michael began working with Corky who he had met through a friend. From 2000-2005 Michael would indirectly work for Corky, traveling back and forth between Sacramento and Napa.

Corky's Son...


Eventually Corky's son also joined the family business, yet another Emil Meyers in the EMC family business! This Emil goes by Zach, for his middle name.

Craig Brothers


After working as a contracting apprentice for many years, in 2007 Michael became a licensed contractor which led to he and his brother Chris, making the decision to open Craig Brothers Construction! The company was based out of Penryn, California which is located in the countryside of Placer County. Craig Brothers Construction focused on remodels, upgrades and renovations.



In 2014 a 6.0 magnitude Earthquake rocked the Napa Valley which damaged several buildings both from the earthquake itself and due to some fires, that broke out because of the quake. Corky contracted the services of Craig Brothers to assist in repairing the damage to the residences and businesses affected by this disaster. Michael became familiar with the market and customer base in Napa due to him spending so much time in area.

Corky yearns to Retire!


Corky yearns to Retire! After 46 years of dedication to Emil Meyers Construction, Corky yearned to retire, but couldn't quite figure out how to pull it off. It saddened him to think he would close the doors after so many years of service to the Napa Valley. However, he didn't want to work until the day he died, as his father before him had. This is where Michael and Rebekka come in! Michael is the guy who is fortunate enough to have done my time of service working first for various contractors here in Napa

Michael & Rebekka


When Michael learned from Corky that he had a dream and desire to retire, with no plans to keep Emil Meyers Construction alive, he asked him to sell his company to him and his wife Rebekka. The rest, as they say, is history! Corky says he was thrilled. Thrilled because his family legacy gets to live on. Thrilled because long-time customers and friends still can count on Emil Meyers Construction for their needs. Thrilled because another family has an opportunity to make a life for themselves by carrying on the work of EMC.



We now get to carry the torch for however many years we may. Emil Meyers Construction has a long, rich history in the Napa Valley. We have kept a number of the employees, including Zach, Emil Meyers IV! Zach is a talented and dedicated carpenter. Everyone who wished to stay on when we purchased the company, was invited to do so. As we put our new life and new ideas into the company, we always do so with respect and appreciation for where we came from. Times change: technology, building codes, and tastes advance with the times. Ways of doing business are ever-changing. We are excited about our business and feel humbled and honored to carry on the Emil Meyers name in the Napa Valley.